Master of Business Administration [MBA]

(Approved by AICTE, Affiliated by S P Pune University, Recognized by Govt of Maharashtra, Institute Code - MB6174-TIMR)

MBA Fee: As per Shikshan Shulka Samiti

Students will opt for one of the specialization as per their choice & also undergo two months internship with the industry. One of the following Specializations may be opted by the students.


The curriculum focuses on the latest marketing trends & strategies that exposes them to the realities of the market place. Students can get jobs in retailing, advertising, FMCG, product/brand management & marketing research.


Students will be imparted skills & grounded in the basics of financial decision making, accounting, economics, market structures, equity markets & banking etc.

Human Resources

The curriculum includes Recruitment & selection, learning & development, Industrial relations, performance management systems, compensation management, organization development & specialized/advanced features of HRM.

Course Syllabus

  • Program Structure

    Foundation Course:

    These courses focus on developing the basic abilities that support the understanding of other courses.

    Core courses:

    Core courses are the compulsory courses for all the students. Core courses are of two types: Generic Core & Subject Core.

    Generic Core:

    Generic Core courses are compulsory as a core requirement to complete the requirement of a degree in a said discipline of study. Hence, Generic Core courses are mandatory and fundamental in nature. These courses cannot be substituted by any other courses. Therefore these courses are also called as Hard Core Courses.

    Subject Core:

    A Core course may be a Subject Core Course if there is a choice or an option for the candidate to choose from a broad category (grouping) of subjects (specializations / electives). These are also known as Soft Core Courses.

    Elective Course:

    Elective course is a course that can be picked from a pool of courses.

    They may be:

    • Very Specialized or advanced course focusing on a specific aspect.
    • In line with the discipline of study.
    • Facilitating an extended scope.
    • Empowering an exposure to some other discipline/domain.
    • Nurturing candidate's proficiency/skills.

    Combination of Options:

    A student may opt for any combination of earning the 22 credits assigned to Generic Elective (GE - IL) courses and Subject Elective (SE - IL) courses through.

    • Generic Elective (GE - IL) courses
    • Subject Elective (SE - IL) courses
    • Open Elective Courses
    • Major + Minor specialization combination
    • Foundation Courses
    • Enrichment Courses
    • Alternative Study Credit Courses
  • Semester 1

    Core Courses

    • Accounting for business decisions
    • Organisational Behaviour
    • Economic Analysis for business decisions
    • Business Research methods
    • Basics of Marketing
    • Digital Business

    Any 3 - University Level (Optional)

    • Management Fundamentals
    • Indian Economy
    • Entrepreneurship Development
    • Essentials of Psychology for managers
    • Legal Aspects of Business
    • Demand Analysis and Forecasting
  • Semester 2

    Core Courses

    • Marketing Management
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management

    Any 3 - University Level (Optional)

    • Contemporary Framework in Management
    • Geopolitics & World Economic Systems
    • Start-up and New Venture
    • Qualitative Research Methods
    • Business, Government & Society
    • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Semester 3

    Core Courses

    • Strategic Management
    • Decision Science
    • Summer internship Projects

    Any 3 - University Level (Optional)

    • International Business Economics
    • Project Management
    • International business Environment
    • Quality Management
    • Corporate Governance
    • Management of Non-Profit Organizations
  • Semester 4

    Core Courses

    • Enterprise Performance Management
    • Indian Ethos and Business Ethics

    Any 2 - University Level (Optional)

    • Global Strategic Management
    • Competing in Global Markets
    • Cyber Laws
    • CSR & Sustainability
  • Additional Boosters
    • Sectorial Training by Corporates
    • Training Based on J.D
    • 100+ Presentations every Semester
    • 100+ Mock G.D Sessions Interviews
    • Advance Excel by Microsoft
    • Live Projects in Industries
    • Certificate in Six Sigma
    • Certificate in Data Visualization using Tableau
    • 50+ Corporate Case Studies
    • Certificate in Advance Analytics using R
    • SAP Business Process
    • BFSI Certifications
    • NSE's Financial Market Management
    • Certified Capital Market Professional
    • Live Trading Strategies
    • Certification on Equity Portfolio Management
    • Algorithmic Trading and Computational Finance using Python & R
    • Psychometric Testing and Assessment
    • Business Analytics
    • Digital Market Certification
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