MBA Skills Development Training Programs

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Students often do not realise the importance of training, or how training can shape to start their career. Great academic results and a well presented resume used to be enough to land students a great job in the competitive market, but time has changed, and with the economy the way it is now, companies want students who have practical job training. Internships give them the experience that companies are looking for to ensure that the job is the right fit for students, and that they are going to get out of it what they need. There must be a common goal for both students and the company.

So many graduates/ post graduates across the country, battling to find jobs after their education, companies are also trying to get the best candidates so that they should not take much time on the basic grooming. Companies want candidates with good grasping ability and they should be keen to learn new things and be able to adopt the new work environment. By considering the market situation & high competition, Genesis MBA has organised 80 hours of corporate training for the students to fill up the gap between corporate expectations and classroom learning.

Our focus is on the overall development of students which helps them to crack the interview. Being a fresher they should know how to appear in interview, how to speak in group discussion. Training consists of very important stages/ parameters starting from the professional grooming of the students. It helps them to build up their confidence level, to overcome their stage fear and make them employable/ industry ready etc.


  • To groom them as per industry expectations.
  • To develop the student's jobs skills.
  • To bridge the gap between corporate expectations &classroom training.
  • To increase the capabilities and abilities of the students to get a better job.

Workshop on Presentation Skills

Being an MBA student every student should be well versed in giving the presentation. Presentation is a vital part of their professional career. A good and impressive presentation determines their success. There are many skills required while giving a presentation. Genesis has arranged a one day workshop on Presentation Skills. An expert from the industry has been called for the workshops. They learn how to prepare a Presentation, how to give an effective presentation, interaction during the presentation and how to answer the questions asked during the presentation.

Students learnthe required skills to deliver an effective presentation which helps them in their academics as well as in career.


  • To teach them Presentation skills.
  • To remove the fear of stage while giving the presentation.
  • To have better influence on to the audience.
  • To develop the ability to impart the message/ information effectively to the audience.

Skills Development Training Activities

In addition to academics, training of MBAs to face day to day issues in their place of work is important. These aspects can't be developed by just listening to a lecture. The skills have to be imbibed and become a part of an individual by constant and persistent practice. Training is carried out by exposing students to lectures, debates, group discussion, group planning, event organizing and cultural events.Our endeavour from day one is to enhance the confidence in our students. As students come from different backgrounds and academic streams, a benchmark is set for each of them. Students are also taught interview techniques as it is found that academic excellence is not adequate for a student to get placed. Companies today want a finished product, which has been holistically developed by the institute. Skills development encompasses every aspect of a person's personality. A student having gone through the capsules conducted by the institute automatically turns out to be confidant. Skills development is a niche aspect of MBA at Genesis.

Skills development addresses the following issues:

  • Managing your time
  • Communication fundamentals
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Building confidence
  • Creating an effective resume
  • Public speaking fundamentals
  • Overcoming your fear of public speaking
  • Acing your interview
  • Managing career
  • Leading with emotional intelligence
  • Stepping up to leadership
  • Thinking like a leader
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